BBNaija All Stars: Cross and Pere Gossip About the Female housemates to Sleep With

Already, All stars Housemate spent more than 24hours in the house. Meanwhile two male have commenced their scouting for vulnerable female housemates, contesting to be sleeping with them, before they get evicted or the reality tv game comes to an end for having them leave the house.

Cross and Pere were the two make housemates involved. They had a conversation about CeeC and the attempt to establish friendship with hopes that it would lead somewhere.

Cross admitted that he’s really trying to get to know her but she’s not giving him the vibes yet, that he’s searching for in a BBNaija All Stars woman like her.

Pere responded, telling him that for now, he has nothing to do with CeeC, that they’re just cool. He also said that she could be extravagant only if she wants, but she choses to be herself, that’s why he’s getting closer and wants to know her more.

Suddenly, Pere ask after another female housemate, trying to find out whether Cross had already slept with her outside the house before Tolanibaj barged into their conversation, teasing Pere that she was going to ‘enter him’.

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