Natural Family planning Methods

Family planning is a method of birth control that allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain the desired number, spacing, and timing of children.

The woman or couple can track a woman’s basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and the length of her menstrual cycle inorder to know when she is most fertile.

Fertility awareness : This is a methods of family planning that uses one or more biologic markers to identify fertile days of a woman’s reproductive cycle, by so doing Intercourse is avoided or a contraceptive method is used on these fertile days to avoid pregnancy.

Natural family planning can be up to 98% effective when used correctly.

A. Temperature method : This is one of the most popular method which involves taking woman basal body temperature every morning and charting it on a calendar. Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature your body reaches during rest, and it’s affected by the hormone progesterone, which is released when a woman ovulates. A spike in basal body temperature can indicate that ovulation has occurred.

B. Cervical mucus ;this is another method of family planning which involves checking the consistency and color of the cervical mucus each day.

C. Calendar Method; in this method it involves charting a woman’s menstrual cycle to determine when she is most likely to ovulate. This method requires careful tracking of the length of a woman’s menstrual cycle and the day she starts menstruating each month. By knowing when ovulation occurs, a woman can avoid intercourse on her most fertile days to prevent pregnancy. It’s important to note that the calendar method is less effective than the temperature or cervical mucus methods.

D. symptothermal method: This method invoives combining the temperature and cervical mucus methods to determine when ovulation occurs.

E. Becoming pregnant, there are some life time changes that may decrease or increase the chances of getting pregnant, such as maintaining healthy weight and a healthy balance diet may increase fertility, strenuous exercise potentially decreasing it.

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