George Akume Urge Nigerians To Be Patient With President Bola Tinubu

Current Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) George Akume is pleased with the Nigerian citizens, encouraging them on the utmost plan of the government in other to make living easy due to the high price of fuel.

According to Akume, he said that the government is doing it best and is aware of the citizens concerns.

In a tweet he said ,“as our team takes shape, I want to remind you all that @officialABAT came prepared- he came with a plan. He knows what to do & he is doing it. He has nurtured this vision for decades and he is now bringing it to life.” “As a government, we have heard your cries about fuel price increases, and be rest assured, we are working round the clock to normalize & bring solutions that ease the pain. Our job is to give you the quality of life you deserve when you wake up. So far, we are on course,” he noted.

He said, “for this regressive subsidy regime just ended, know that annual subsidy payments due to inefficiencies in the oil and gas value chain stood at a colossal $11b. It was not sustainable, and someone had to act. The President was decisive in doing so & he told us from day one.”

He pleaded with Nigerians to optimistic that, as “we are already working out modalities to ensure market forces normalize pricing while we drive policies that better your lives & boost your earning power. We have a clear economic restoration plan, so I urge you to trust the process”.

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