BBN ALL STARS: The Moment White money Came Into The House With A Ghana-Must-Go Bag

The Big Brother Naija All Stars edition 2023 show moments where the housemates were entering the BBN house. As from the most amazing moments captured, the previous season six winner; White money was spotted with a big Ghana-Must-Go Bag on his head into the house.

This moment got alot of nitezens talking about his m!ssion this time around into the house.

Comments where gathered randomly from the fan page where nitezens expressed their expectations to why White Money will storm the house with this famous bag.

A nitezens wrote: “una go chop semo tire”

Another wrote: “Whitemoney dun carry remaining balance come house”

Another wrote: “Hope say musical instruments no dey that bag?”

“Hope Guiness dey watch, because another Cook-a-thon go start”

And one comment emphasized: “na ingredients full that bag”

Watch the video from this link:

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