BBN Star Ifuenada Shows off Her Body In Birthday Photos While Also Claiming That She Has Officially Given Her Life To Christ

On Sunday, July 23rd 2023, the famous Actress and Big Brother Naija Reality TV Star; Ifuenada shared some stunning photos of herself, which shows off her crotch, while celebrating her 32nd Birthday.

In addition to the risque posts, Ifuenada added and claimed she is now a ‘born again’ and has accepted Christ.

According to Ifuenada’s post as was shared on her social media accounts, she captioned it;

Happy Birthday To Me; a wretched sinner saved by His Grace and welcomed into royalty.

On this special day I’d like to announce that I’ve officially given my life to Christ. Yes I am born again.

The past few years saw me stray from Christ and live a life that almost ended me, but His Mercy saved me and even though it’s not been easy overcoming my flesh and leading this new life, I’m committed to staying on the right path – the path to eternal life in Christ.

There is a deep meaning behind these
photos I’m using to celebrate my day and announce my new life, don’t be in a rush to condemn me without having an understanding of the message it carries.

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