Teenage Girl Constructs 1-Room Apartment, Celebrates Achievement as a Homeowner

Tiktok user @im.moody.bby1, has taken to social media to encourage young youths like her that there is nothing impossible to do if you set your mind to it. She shared her story of how she started saving from her hard earned salary which she got from a job she was doing at the age of 17.

Now she is 19 years old and a proud owner of a 1 bedroom apartment.

She explained it was not an easy journey for her but at last she came out Victorous with her new house to show for it. She advised young people to be diligent with work and spend wisely their money.

Some Social Media users have shared their thoughts about this hardworking girl and her story.

Netizens Reactions…

@Ebony flame said; “My respect goes to you. dont stop what u are doing and keep ur head up.”

@davioclarke said; “Am so proud of you as a young gurl.”

@kay-Andy said; “May that room multiply to multiple rooms. I see it for you.ambitons go far.”

@Jessica said; “Good job baby I did the same at the age of 25 years I had my own home build fem scratch I sacrifice so proud of myself. I’m 35 now.”

@dannn said; “May God bless you and your possessions and keep you safe.” Meeks said: “I wish I had your mindset at that age. You did very well girl, keep it up.”

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