“I Am Becoming Useless Because of You”: Lovesick Student Writes Romantic Letter To His Teacher

A love-struck student has written a love letter to his class teacher simply known as Miss Chioma.

The teacher shared the letter on her social Media handle and this has caused a stir in social space.

In the letter, the student advised his teacher not to get bothered about his age. He explained he has plans to grow up and become rich so as to get married to her.

He went further revealing his dilemma to her. According to him, anytime he is around her, he feels “useless”.

He wrote:

I understand this might sound strange, but every word I write comes from my heart. From the very first moment I saw you at school, it was as if my brain stopped working. Every time our eyes meet, it feels like smoke is rising from within me. Your beauty has a profound impact on me. Although I am still in secondary school, I have big dreams of becoming a successful man.

I know some may see me as just a young boy, but when love takes hold, age becomes inconsequential. My thoughts are consumed by you, and it’s making me feel lost and ‘useless.’ Whenever I close my eyes, your image is all I can see. Please, kindly consider my request and help me find purpose.”

Netizens reacts:

dennis__ expressed surprise, stating, “The children of today never cease to amaze.”

@chairwoman66 suggested that the letter be shared with the student’s parents, so they are aware of the emotions their son is experiencing.

@adamma remarked, “This young boy should focus on improving his grammar and studies at this stage.”

This is serious.

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