How To Use Pregnancy Test Strip

HCG strip is part of pregnancy test that detect HCG hormones in urine. If a woman is not pregnant, the concentration of HCG, in her urine is usually 5mlU, it then rise to 100mlU as soon as the woman miss her period. Inorder to get and accurate or a reliable results, there is the need to wait a day after a miss period.

How To Collect a Urine Sample

Urine should be collected into a clean and dry sample container. It is advisable to use early morning urine because it contains highest level of HCG but the sample can be use at any time.

How To Test

Dip the test strip into a urine sample, the hCG hormone will react with the chemical on the strip and cause a color change. If the test is positive, a second line will appear on the strip. This line is called the “test line” and it’s what indicates that you are pregnant.

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