Atiku Urges Electoral Tribunal To Declare Him President

The presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party(PDP), Atiku Abubakar has urge the tribunal in his final address to declare him the president having won twenty one state in the last presidential election.

Atiku claimed that INEC had previously announced that he won the states and did not deny the claim’s all through the proceedings. He also asserted that the delacared winner, Bola Ahmed Tinubu , was not qualified to run for office according to “an order of criminal forfeiture against him arising from a drug-related offence, his declaration of allegiance to a country other than Nigeria, his acquisition of citizenship of another country, and his presenting a forged certificate to the first respondent (INEC)”.

The final address reads; “Notwithstanding, the first respondent (INEC) unequivocally and clearly admitted in its pleadings, namely paragraph 18 on page 13 of its reply to the petition, which was never refuted nor retracted that the petitioners won 21 states of the federation in the presidential election, which is an admission against interest. “As a result of non-use of the collation by electronic transmission, the first respondent (INEC) later altered the admitted result of 21 states for the first petitioner to 12 states.” “The petitioners have established that the return of the 2nd respondent as the winner of the presidential election held on 25th day of February 2023, was unlawful and unconstitutional, having not secured one-quarter of the valid votes cast in the FCT, Abuja as required by the Constitution of the Federal of Nigeria, 1999 (As Amended)”. “The petitioners have proved that the second respondent was not duly elected by a majority of the lawful votes cast in the election. 41 (e). The respondents proffered very scanty evidence in defence and virtually abandoned their pleadings by not calling necessary witnesses, and not having any credible defence to the Petition. 6.02 We submit with all sense of responsibility that this Nation and its Judiciary stand at the threshold of history.”

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