Woman Causes Commotion by Fleeing with Neighbor’s 9-Month-Old Baby in Imo

Residence of Amaiyi Umuaka in Njaba LGA of Imo state were today in a panick mood when it was discovered a woman known as Fabiana Paulinus stole her neighbor’s 9 month-old son and flee.

According to a witness, he said recently cases of child kidnapping is an incessant one in Njaba local government. He narrated an incidence 2 weeks ago, another woman kidnapped her neighbor’s 4 children and they are nowhere to be found.

The witness known as Vincent Durugbo explained what really ensued that led to the kidnap of the 9 month-old baby.

He narrates:

“The poor girl is about 19 years old from Oguta LGA. Although, she is not married but has a baby of nine months,” he said.

“You will recall about two weeks ago, the same story was told in the Amako community where a neighbour also absconded with four kids and neither the neighbour nor the kids have been found up till today.

“You will also remember that the mother of the four kids hails from the same Oguta. This is because some parts of Oguta are ridden with crisis. That’s why so many of them are relocating to Umuaka.

“Child trafficking and stealing are gradually becoming a norm in my Umuaka community and Njaba as a whole.

“And whenever a matter of this nature, like that of missing four kids, is brought to the police, they will treat it with disdain and kick the matter out without putting up any effort. Our uniform people are compromised.

“We are not going to report this case to the police, because if we do, the poor lady will be left at her peril. I will follow up on this matter myself by reaching out to the abductor’s school.

“I believe the woman will be found. Only then, I will hand her over to the police.”

he explained further:

“I didn’t know she was a child trafficker. I parked in newly in the compound (this July) but she had stayed up to one year as a tenant,” she said.

“I did not have that close rapport with her but she only offered to carry my baby while I finish up with some house chores.

“But when I was done, she was nowhere to be found. This is three days now.

“Her room is locked. Some people living around have helped me search for her to no avail. I have nobody to run to. I am confused. Government and police should please help me.”

This is sad.

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