Shehu Sanni Advised Tinubu Over N8,000 Palliative

Former Kaduna Central lawmaker in the 8th assembly, Shehu Sani, has advised the federal government to abort the plan of giving out N8000 palliative.

Shehu Sani in an interview, acknowledge the government for picking up the courage to remove subsidy, but criticized them for lacked plan on how to cushion the effect.

He added that, “I think we should also be clear the past administration never made provisions for subsidies, but having known that after the elections, when the winner was announced within that space of a period, there is supposed to be a plan that there is bound to be consequences after this removal, and these are the plans that we have to tackle these issues.”

“The palliatives [of the previous administration] were meant to solve the problem of poverty. How many people were poor before the administration of Buhari, and how many people end up being poor? In fact, the money that was shared by Buhari end up impoverishing the people more because you have 130 million people that are said to be in deeper poverty.”

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