Controversy Surrounds Anchor University’s Decision On Pregnancy Testing For All Female Students

Professor Samuel Ayo Bandele, the Vice Chancellor of Anchor University, owned by the Deeper Life Bible Church, revealed during the school’s 7th matriculation event for the 2022 and 2023 academic sessions that the institution would introduce mandatory pregnancy tests for all New female students intake starting from the next academic year.

The decision aims to ensure that pregnant students are not admitted, potentially to safeguard their own well-being and academic progress.

Kduring the matriculation event, Bamidele was reported to have said:

, “We all know that the society we are today is full of immoral practices, including illicit affairs among youths and our church is known globally as where righteousness and holiness are being preached and so, we don’t need to pretend not to preach the same message even as a school.

“Our university is for learning and not to nurse babies. So, we will conduct pregnancy test on new female students who are yet to marry from next academic session.”

Despite the introduction of mandatory pregnancy tests for incoming female students at Anchor University, Professor Samuel Ayo Bandele clarified that a positive result would not necessarily result in expulsion.

Instead, the university would consider arranging a rehabilitation program for the affected students to ensure their well-being and mitigate potential risks to both themselves and society.

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