“Your Daughter Lóst Her Life And You Refûsed To Pick Call” – Man Calls Out Actor Nkem Owoh For Nèglecting His family

Nigerian man who claimed to be actor Nkem Owoh’s brother in-law, has called out the actor for abandoning his family till his daughter died.

According to the man’s allegations, Nkem Owoh has not been taking care of the family financially, adding that when his second daughter was sick, Nkem was informed, but he refused to visit them at the hospital.

However, the mortuary where his late daughter is, gave them 24hours to come and pick the death body.

While sharing the video, he said;

“Osuofia Nkem Owoh’s second daughter is dead, and he refused to take his responsibility. Just watch to the end! The mortuary where Osuofia’s daughter is gave only tomorrow to come and take the girl out from the mortuary. Please share the video so it gets to Nkem Owoh Osuofia.”

“Osuofia I am not trying to tarnish your image. They are calling you a legend but you have abandoned your family. Your second daughter lost her life since 28th of June on Sallah day and since then you’ve refused to answer your call or give attention.

“Tomorrow is the deadline for the mortuary to carry her. You neglected your family and your daughter died. We called you and you said you’re on set. Since then, nobody asked, nobody brought money. I don’t know what you did to your soul that made you abandon your family.”

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