Tragic Discovery: All Members Of A Family Of 4 Found Dead on their First Night in New Residence

A devastating event unfolded in Nkwele Ezunaka, a vicinity near Onitsha in Anambra State, resulting in a great tragedy. The local inhabitants were confronted with a heart-wrenching sight as they awoke to discover the lifeless bodies of a middle-aged man, his wife, and their two children.

It was reported that the family had tragically succumbed to toxic fumes emitted by a generator at their residence.

Adding to the sorrow, the mother-in-law and an apprentice, who were also sleeping in the same structure, tragically lost their lives due to suffocation from the noxious gases. The incident has left the community in deep shock and mourning.

A source explained what happened: “The entire members of the family were enjoying themselves when suddenly there was a power outage. The man had to put on the generating set stationed at the veranda close to the bedroom.

“The celebration continued into the night before they all slept off and didn’t remember to put off the generating set.

“The next morning, a friend who supposed to join them in the celebration but was unable went to felicitate with them only to discover that the doors were locked with the generating set still on.

“After knocking continuously without response, he alerted other neighbours who forced the door open and saw the lifeless bodies.”

“It was only the 4-day old baby survived without any crisis which raised more curiosity on the circumstances of the death of others,” the source further revealed.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

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