Man Finds Love Again: Proposes Marriage to His Mother-in-Law

A 46 year-old man has found love again after his wife ageg 34 d!ed. This love sick man summoned up courage and expressed his love for his Mother-in-law

His Mother-in-Law who is aged 56 years-old and also a widow, lost her daughter to the cold hands of death two years ago.The deceased daughter left behind 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy

This story many believed to be weird was shared on social media by a Facebook user simply known as Azuka Onwuka.

In the post, the widower was reported to have confided in close friends saying it’s better getting married to his Mother-in-law than to another strange woman.

The Facebook Post:

“A man (name withheld) lost his wife after they had had three children (two boys and a girl). His wife died at 34 years old. Two years after, he wants to marry his mother-in-law who is 57 years old and a widow. He is 46 years old. He says he does not need more children nor want to marry an outsider who may isolate and maltreat his children. Some members of their two wider families support the idea while many are against it.”

Netizens shared their opinion.

Uchechukwu Damian Ononachi said:

“He doesn’t need to marry the mother-in-law, except they have been having romantic affairs. All he needs to do, is to ask the woman to live with them and take care of his children. Marrying the mother-in-law is not right.”

Chike Nnanyelu Bunch advised:

“Both of them should be investigated thoroughly over the wife’s demise.”

Uzo Goodluck commented:

“Am now suspecting the mother-in-law over the death of his wife.”

Ifeanyi Ugwu revealed:

“It is taboo in my culture.”

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