Causes Of Giardiasis (Beaver Fever) And Prevention

Giardiasis Is also called Beaver fever. This infection is caused by giardiasis parasites.

If there is poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water giardiasis can spread via this means, it can also spread by persons to person contact.

Causative Agent

It’s causative Agent is Giardia lambda.

Life cycle

The flagellates multiplies in the intestine of man by binary fission Cysts are formed in the intestine and division is only into two within the Cysts.


It is transmitted by ingesting of cyst contaminated food or water. Before ingestion the cyst is viable in moist surrounding for upto two weeks.


By ensuring that food and drink are not contaminated with faecal materials.

Treat infected man with quinacrine chloroquine, or a atebrine.

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