Antibiotics And Its Usefulness

Antibiotics:This type of medicines are use to treat bacterial infections.

Antibiotics are sunset of antimicrobial that are naturally produced by the biosynthesis process of mold and bacteria. Such as antimicrobial penicillin is produced by mold penicillin, so it is called antibiotics. In contrast, salivary and other chemically synthesized drugs are not called antibiotic because they are not natural products of the microorganisms. However, the distinction is not so clear because many antibiotics are now at least partially synthesized in the laboratory.

Usefulness of Antibiotics

Toxicity is often due to their ability to interfere with essential biochemical structure or processes that are unique to prokaryotes. I. E, by interfering with a target that is unique to prokaryotes.

The antibiotics cause relatively little harm to the human host, in a phenomenon called selective toxicity. That is, the drugs are toxic to bacteria but not the human host.

Top 10 List of Generic Antibiotics









amoxillin and clavulanate


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