Why Tobi Amusan could be found guilty of doping.

Renowned journalist Osasu Obayiuwana has reacted to the suspension of Nigerian 100 m hurdles world champion Tobi Amusan for missing three drug tests. The Journalist revealed the discussion he had with Udo Obong, a former 4×100 m gold medallist at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, who explained to him in detail the testing procedures for athletes.

In his response, the Nigerian Athletes reveal to him that every athlete registered under a system called ‘ADAM’ must make known their whereabouts and also declare to the association if there is any change in their locations always.

“There is a system called ADAMS, which every top athlete signs on to… [ADAMS means Anti-Doping Administration & Management System]. In there, you have to fill in, as a top athlete, your whereabouts forms – that’s EVERYWHERE you will be at a particular time…

“If there is a change of movement, you log in and update your whereabouts.

Furthermore, he explained that the International Testing Organization (ITO) reserved the right to send their agents to wherever an athlete may be at any given time for testing, and for an athlete who has failed to get tested at their various locations and got notified has failed his or her test. In an instance where an Athlete is absent three times, it’s a strike – an anti-doping violation.

“[With information from ADAMS], the ITO (International Testing Organization) can send its agent to test you at any time. All they do is go to where you say you will be.

“If you are not there, it’s a failed test and they notify you. If you are absent 3 times in a year, it’s a strike – a banned anti-doping violation.”

Although Amusan has stated that she intended to fight the charges and will have her case decided by the three arbitrators before the commencement of this year’s

If found guilty, Amusan will be banned for two years and will undergo a stiffened punishment of missing the World Championship in Hungary and the Olympics in Paris.

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