Shocking CCTV Footage: Newly Hired Housekeeper Caught Urinating in the Kitchen

Social Media is in a frenzy right now. There’s is a trending CCTV where in it’s footage, captures moment when an housekeeper was caught using the kitchen’s sink as a means of disposing her urine.

The unknown housekeeper was captured in the footage urinating in a cup which she took from the plate rack and later disposed in the kitchen sink.

The video has drew lots of attention from Netizens. Below are some of the comments.

@Atuhurra: “Jessssuuuu.”

@Eswine Reigns009: “she had an internation.”

@Nantume Hajarah: “She was just lazy Bambi and some still have that villagelisms they have to just educate her.”

@Brighton Kalibala: “she is just dirty nothing ill she is planning.”

@Luke & Patience: “She needs to be educated about tidiness, sikyo mummy.”

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