PDP Law Maker Anthony Adepoju, To Work With Tinubu Regardless Of Party Affiliation

A law maker representing Ibarapa Central/Ibarapa North, Oyo state, Anthony Adepoju, of the Peoples Democratic Party has said that he is all out to join hand in working with President, Bola Tinubu, regardless of his party affiliation.

According to the lawmaker he said that is goal is to see to the growth and good development of the country. He said, “What I am after is the development of Nigeria. And the president we have is who we should work with. At this point, Tinubu is our president and I am ready to work with him.

Adepoju also stressed that. “If we are not satisfied with how things go, there are two options to be done. One is we keep mum and be expecting God will do it and the other is to strive and make sure there is a transformation in the situation. The other option is what I chose and the reason why I contested,” he said.

“Part of the things I was not satisfied with was the shortage or non-availability of electricity supply which has made many residents leave the constituency for other parts of the state and other nearby states.” “Many of us are educated and skillful but left due to poor power supply and this is affecting our economy amongst many others,” he noted.

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