Hepatitis C (HCV) Diseases

This type of virus is also called Hep C. Hepatitis C is an infection caused by virus that attacks the liver which leads to inflammation.

Hepatitis C spreads through contact with contaminated blood, such as sharing needles or from unsterile tattoo equipment.


Most people are asymptomatic and those with symptoms may develop fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, yellowish of eye and skin.

Causative Agent

HCV is enveloped and contain single stranded RNA. It represents a new group of viruses in the flavivirus family.

Hepatitis C virus is responsible for most cases of post transfusion hepatitis. Since many people that are infected with HCV fail to develop detectable antibody for many weeks or months, it is very difficult to detect the infection in many blood donor. Screenings test for HCV in donated blood have become aggressively more sensitive since thier introduction in 1990. Infected people are chronic carrier and develop cirrhosis. There are Vaccine that are very effective for HCV and interferon can also be used for treatment of many patients.

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