Genesis Of Hepatitis A and Prevention

Hepatitis A is also known as Hep A, it is highly contagious liver infection which is caused by the hepatitis A virus.

Hepatitis A can be prevented by taking Vaccine. It spreads from contaminated food or water or contact with someone who is infected.


Many cases are asymptomatic, that is, the patient will not show any sign and Symptoms of this diseases.

Causative Agent

Hepatitis A diseases is caused by hepatitis A virus. A single stranded RNA virus of Picorna virus family.

Laboratory Diagnosis

This can be cultivated in a variety of tissue cell culture and determined by lgm and lgG antibodies.


Following the ingestion, The virus reaches the liver through an unknown rout. The liver serves as the main site for the virus replication and the only tissue known to be damaged by the virus. The virus is excreted in the faces two weeks into the incubation period until the liver to recover.


Hepatitis A spreads via fecal contamination of hands, food, or water. By eating of raw shellfish is a frequent source of infection since these animals concentrate the hepatitis A virus for fatally polluted sea water.


By always your hands,

Eat well cooked food

Gamma globulin Vaccine administered intramuscularly.

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