Causes Of Mumps And Prevention

Mumps is also called (parotitis). Mumps is a viral infection that affects the salivary glands, but can be prevented by taking Vaccine. This diseases can spread through infected saliva.


The symptoms of mumps includes;fever, loss of appetite and headaches are similar to many other viral diseases, but in the typical case of mumps, painful swelling develops in one or both parotid glands. Other symptoms can arose elsewhere in the body with or without parotid swelling. Such as headache and stiff neck

Causative Agent

Herpes Simplex Virus and mumps are similar in size, they both has lipid contains envelop. Mumps can be classified among family paramyxovirus, a group of single stranded RNA viruses that includes rubeola (measles) virus, Newcastle virus (causative Agent of diarrhea).

Laboratory Diagnosis

Mumps virus is readily cultivated in tissue cell culture and embryonated hen’s egg where it can be easily detected by adding some red blood cells. The virus causes the red blood cells to clump.


A live attenuated mumps Vaccine can help prevent mumps diseases. However, no treatment is yet available except pain relief drug.

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