Causes Of Hapatitis B and Prevention

Hepatitis B is a viral infection, is an inflammation of the liver that can cause both acute and chronic disease.


Hepatitis B symptoms such as liver failure, jaundice, while several are asymptomatic in nature.

Causative Agent

Hepatitis B belong to hepadnavirus family. The virus contains double stranded DNA and has lipid containing outer envelop. The three HBV antigens are

A. Surface antigens (GHBsAG)

B. Core antigens (HBcAG)

3. E antigen (HBeAG)

Laboratory Diagnosis

This is determined by viral antigen and antibodies.


Hepatitis B enter the body via blood that has been Contaminated or seven or from mother to her new born baby through placenta and its carried to the liver by the blood stream. The mechanism by which HBV causes liver injury is not known. The virus multiplies by am unusual mechanism involving reverse transcriptase.


Hepatitis B spread spreads via blood, blood products and seven. Persisting vitamin can follow both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases and may continue to circulate via blood stream for years.

Prevention and Treatment

An effective Vaccine is available against hepatitis B but effective antiviral is not currently available for curing hepatitis B

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