Symptoms Of Common Cold And Prevention

A common viral infection of the nose and throat. The symptoms includes, nasal secretion, sneezing and swelling of the mucosa; nasal erectile tissue, loss odor sensation.

Causative Agent

The viruses that can causes cold includes; members of the orthomyxoviruses and paramyxoviruses, cold viruses, adenovirus especially and enteroviruses. Members of the Picorna group.


After lodging on the respiratory epithelium cells, the infect a few of them. The virus the multiples, shelf from cells and infect adjacent cells. The injury causes the release of inflammatory mediators and stimulate nervous reflexes.


To prevent the spread of rhinoviruses;

Always wash your hands, even in plain water which readily removes rhinoviruses, and keeping the hand away from the face. Crowd and crowded places should be avoided, places like commercial airplanes, also avoid people with during the first couple of days of their symptoms. Interferon helps in preventing cold.

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