Causative Agent And Prevention of Chicken Pox

Varicella_Zoster virus is the main cause of Chicken Pox. Varicella_ zoster virus is a member of the herpes family virus. This is a medium sized, double stranded DNA virus, it is enveloped.

Laboratory Diagnosis

This virus is cultivated in tissue cell culture and which the use of specific antiserum, it can be identified or just by using fluorescent antibody to detect viral antigen in vesicles fluid.


Varicella invades the body through respiratory tract, it established an infection, multiply and disseminate to the skin through the blood stream, it will now infect the living layer of the skin, it then spread directly to adjacent cells, and the characteristics lesion appears.


In winter and spring months, most cases of many diseases transmitted by the respiratory rout occur this time. Human are reservoir, and because of the high infective type of Varicella_Zoster virus, about 90percent of human are infected by the age of 15. The incubation period of the diseases average about two weeks, with a range of 10_21days.


Chicken can be prevented, by vaccinate a healthy person age 12 or older with live attenuated Varicella Vaccine, and its administration is recommended. It should be given to a child that do not have a history of Varicella or who lack laboratory evidence of immunity to the diseases. A child should be immunized before 13th birthday because of the increased likelihood of serious complications form Varicella in older children.

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