Woman Apprehended By Anambra Police Command For Assaulting Her Aged Mother

Law authorities in Anambra state have apprehended a 50 year old woman for alledgedly assaulting her aged mother.

Upon receiving reports of an assault, which was of brutal force, Men of the Police force command in Anambra Swift into action.

In a trending video, Ukamaka Udeugbo was recorded flogging and kicking her 75 years old mother. The assaulted aged woman has been handed over to Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare for care and protection.

The Police spokes person, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga confirmed the incident revealed that Udeugbo’s arrest will enable investigation and she will face legal consequences for her actions if found guilty.

When asked reason for such dastardly act, Udeugbo confessed that she assaulted her mother when she discovered she defecated on herself.

Police report reads:

“The suspect, Ukamaka Udeugbo, 50, turned out to be her biological daughter in a video clip that went viral. The suspect who flogged the n3ked, aged woman repeatedly,threw buckets of water on her. She was lying on the floor has been arrested and detained for prosecution.

“Commissioner of Police Aderemi Adeoye has directed the transfer of the case to the State CID in the public interest and has authorised that the aged woman, handed over to the Commissioner for Women Affairs.The suspect will be arraigned in court at the end of the investigation.”

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