Viral Skin Infections (Chicken Pox)

Chicken Pox is uncomplicated to recover from, it can be mild and sometimes unnoticed. The typical case has rash and can be easily diagnose. It usually begins as small, spots, bumps, and blisters surrounded by red zone of redness. Chicken Pox can comes out from any part of the body, but mostly comes out from the back of the head followed by face, mouth, then main body, an us and leg. Chicken Pox is usually severe in children than adult.

Pneumonia mostly comes with rapid breathing, cough, shortness of breath and can come as dusky colour, this happens in about 20percent of adults. Chicken is the major threat to a new born babies, if the mother develop the diseases within five days before delivery to two days after delivery.

Congenital Varicella Syndrome

Congenital Varicella Syndrome:This happens when the mother contact it earlier in pregnancy, this will surely develop in a baby. The baby is born with such defect as undeveloped head and limb and cataract.

Herpes zoster

Chicken Pox can reactivate itself which is called shingles. This happens at any stage but when it’s reaches the advance stage it becomes increasingly common. It starts with pain in the area supplied by a nerve of sensation, often on the chest or a done but sometimes on the fact.

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