Drug Bust at Abuja Airport: Nigerian Teenager En Route to Cyprus Caught, Narcotics Discovered Disguised as Crayfish Packages

Men of Narcotic agency known as National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) made a drug bust at Abuja airport.

Benjamin Nnamani Daberechi who is 19 years old was on his way to Cyprus to further his education when he met his Waterloo. Found with him Concealed in supposedly crayfish packages was 7.2 Kilograms of Methamphetamine.

Femi Babafemi who is NDLEA Director, Media and Advocacate, in a statement disclosed how Daberechi was apprehended

“The teenage suspect was intercepted on Wednesday 12th July, during an outward clearance of passengers on Turkish Airlines flight TK 0624.

“While interviewed by operatives, Daberechi claimed he was a student on his way to Cyprus for studies, but upon a thorough search of his luggage, he was found possessing 7.2kg of whitish substance neatly concealed inside a sack of crayfish. A field test of the substance however proved it is Methamphetamine.”

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