Disgruntled Abuja School Teacher Contemplates Imparting Worthless Knowledge as Salary Remains at N50k in a School Charging N500k per Child

An Abuja based school teacher has taken to his Twitter social Media handle to show his frustration as a school teacher earning N50k in an undisclosed school of N500k per child as school fees

The disgruntled teacher shared his pain to a Twitter user with the handle @Kelvin Odanz lamenting that there are other charges parents in the school pay for their children or wards, asides the N500k school fees.

@Kelvin Odanz shared the dialogue in his DM which he had with the teacher.

Also a comment the undisclosed teacher sent to him.

His words:

“Sometimes, I feel like teaching them rubbish because since the subsidy removal, it’s like I have been working for drivers and the director has done nothing to help us.”

Check out observations from other Twitter users:

@moorff commented:

“This teacher’s pay issue is a pandemic, I know a woman who has worked in a private school in Enugu for over 20 years, her salary is N25K, and the kid’s school fees are up to N30K/term. It’s really bad, the people regulating education in our country have failed.”

@Omoosun100 said:

“The problem is that we don’t take education serious like we take medicine seriously.”

Photo Credit- Premium Times Nigeria & DreamsTime

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