Super Falcons: Journalist blast NFF for inviting a 40-year-old player who is without a club. 

A renowned journalist, Osasu Obayiuwana has blasted the selection made by coach Randy Waldeum under the guidance of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). The journalist accused the country’s football federation of prejudice in their selection of inviting a 40-year-old player who had not played club football for the whole of last season.

The player in question could be no one but the Super Falcons captain Ebi Onome who is the oldest player (40 years) among the invited players. 

Onome, 40, who has the most capped (107) for the Super Falcons, last played for Levante Las Planas in Spain in 2022 according to her Wikipedia, and has claimed to be playing for Abia Angels – which link attached to her page was indicated that the page as not been created after one of Rant’s Sports journalist decided to make further inquiry. A few minutes after checking the link ‘Abia Angels’ on her Wikipedia profile, it indicated that this was just created. 

On his official Twitter account, he wrote: 

“How can a 40-year-old player, who is spent, who has not played club football for an entire season, make the @NGSuper_Falcons #FIFAWWC squad? How can a coach be proud of such an unprofessional decision? 

Who can explain this to me?

“@thenff is filled with greedy men [and a particular woman, I cannot mention, for libel reasons] that want to steal money, with every opportunity they have,” an @NGSuper_Falcons player said to me on Saturday.”

Onome will lead the squad to their 9th Women’s World Cup which is scheduled to begin in four days in Canada and Australia.

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