Sampling Of Raw Meat For Microbiological Testing

Carcass and primal cuts

For chilled or frozen carcass meat and large bone cut as n=5

Take from each samples from 5 individuals carcasses. Carcasses should be pooled and should be thoroughly mixed in order to form a composite analytical units, each of them should be treated as a separate analytical units.

The bacteria contamination of the carcasses is usually on the surface, and should be recognized in the collection of sub samples. Because defacing carcasses is often economically undesirable, the surfaces swab technique is recommended for the ABC on unfriendly meat,laughing. Sample should be taken at site likely to be Contaminated.

Test Procedures

Various part of the meat should be blend together, composing the sample unit, and withdraw the analytical units. combine the swab in other to form analytical units, then prepare the dilution and perform the ABC test. The temperature used for incubation if plate should be related to the materials that is being examined. In other to get the number of me Mesophilic contaminant on the freshly prepared carcasses, there is the need to incubate at temperature of about35 or 37 degrees C

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