Peter Obi Accused The Federal Government For Down Playing Teachers

The presidential candidate for the Labour Party Peter Obi has accused the federal government of not rewarding the right people with the national economy. Peter Obi said education should take the center stage as well as taken the biggest part of the national budget.

Peter Obi also bemoan the attitude of government for constantly down playing the roles teachers and urge them to be rewarded as they are saddled with the responsiblity of moulding leaders. The ex governor made these statements while delivering his speech during the graduation ceremony of Pace Setters Academy in Abuja.

He noted that, “Education is the most important thing any nation needs. It is the foundation of development. If you don’t have an educated citizenry, you can’t have a healthy society. You can’t pull people out of poverty without education. This is because the more people you ensure get education, the more they would be able to pull themselves out of poverty.“We can’t have 20 million out-of-school children and start to talk about development tomorrow. That is why we need to invest in education. During our campaigns, we said we will invest in public schools and private schools. We talked about having a budget for every child in a way that the budget for each child will be paid to their respective schools, whether private or public.“As the governor of Anambra State, I didn’t have anything called private school because there is no private child in Nigeria. I equipped schools with computers and other necessary facilities. If I have my way, education will have the highest budget and teachers will be celebrated. They are the ones moulding the children.”

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