National Agency For Food And Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) On Food

National Standard; this is a national standard formulated for a particular country. We have standard organization, for food and Drugs Administration in Nigeria that are responsible in fishing out various standard of foods and drugs.

The food and drug administration of the federal Ministry of Health sets regulations on food, drugs and cosmetics, which is recently called National Agency For Food And Drug Administration and control NAFDAC according to degree No. 15 of 1993.

In essence, NAFDAC is well entrusted with the duty and obligations in order to ensure quality and safety of all drugs and foods available in the country.

One other regulations by the body includes;

A. They determine what causes the adulterated of any food or drug prescribing the type and level of food additives or contaminant that may be present in any food offered for sale.

B. Prescribing standards of composition, potency, purity or quality of any other property, for any article of food, drug, cosmetic or device.

C. With respect to importation of any food, drugs, cosmetics or device and method of preparing, manufacturing, preservation, packaging, storing or testing and or for the prevention of injury to the health of consumer.

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