Mendy : Vini Jr Calls Out Those Involved In Destroying Reputation

In sympathizing with Benjamin Mendy for what he has been through, Vinicius Jr called out those involved in the act of destroying the reputation of others.

In a thought provoking tweet, the Real Madrid star starting by feeling the pain of Mendy, saying he is sorry for what the 0former Manchester City player has been through lately.

As a point of concern, the tricky Brazilian also pointed out how the culture of destroying reputation has made another victim of Mendy just as he called out those creating and spreading fake news.

He asked what should be done in addressing the damage done which in this instance is the dent to the career of Mendy.

Vini Jr wrote… ” I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through, Benjamin Mendy. You lost two years of your career, but that’s the least of this whole situation… What about the psychological damage? Surely your life will never be the same. The culture of destroying reputations has made yet another victim.Until when will we be accused and condemned without having the right to basic defense? Fake news are created and spread without checking any facts (which is something I personally felt a lot on this holidays) and then the situation only gets worse.Being responsible would be the minimum for any professional, but nowadays serious work has become an exception. There’s no limits to get more clicks and engagement.My question is what will be done to repair the damage?”

It would be recalled that Benjamin Mendy was pronounced not guilty of charges relating to rape and assault on Friday. The case took two years of of the player’s career as he played last in August 2021.

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