Isolation, Culture And Identification Of Fungi

Mycologists should be able to identify and isolate fungi from time to time.

Media, Reagents and Stains

Fungi may be isolated from natural substrate by techniques that vary in complexity,. The simpler techniques will be described when dealing with relevant organisms or group. For identification or ND isolation fungi media are used. The media also Vary the great deal. The materials used in preparing microscopic examination is reagent. To aid vision stains are used.

Water Agar

This is simple culture medium. This only supports limited mycelium growth due to the fact that is not very rich. It is useful when limited mycelium growth is desired to reduce contamination thereby enhancing isolation from plates. This methods is very useful for isolating fungi from the soil or from infected plant tissue.

Carrot agar

In this method, 10ml of water, grated carrot, test tube, agar are used.

Add the grated carrot into the test tube to about 2.5cm depth, 10ml water agar is then added. This medium encourage serial reproduce organ by pythium.

Corn Meal Agar

This method consists of corn Meal 20_60g, agar 15_20g, distill water 1litre.

Add corn Meal to the water and allow it to simmer for just 30_60minutes. Then filter with the use of cheese cloth. Add agar and other ingredients to the Filtration and autoclave.

An alternative methods; corn me is placed In fine bag and steamed for 30minutes. The extract is then used. Ingredients like Pepton 20g and dextrose 20g maybe added to enrich the medium. It’s useful for sporulation in many other fungi.

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