Ready-To-Eat Foods: Microbiological Safety Assessment Guidelines

It is important to carryout microbiological examination on all food before consuming for one or more reasons.

In order to estimate the shelf life of a food for human consumption, it’s microbiological quality of that particular food needs to be examined, thus, an estimate of the number of a particular component of the total floral such as mold in a cereal. The cause of Spoilage of a food can be determined by carryout microbiological examination on that particular food. Is important to monitor that particular food that cause the outbreak of food borne illness. It is not practicable to detect low number of pathogens without the good cause. Another way of monitoring a specific pathogens is to look out for an associated organisms present in much larger number which is an indicator organism.

Coliform Bacteria Spoilage Indicator Of Food Sanitary Quality

Indicator organisms, this method is developed for pathogen spread by fecal oral rout in water and which has been applied to foods.

Characteristics Of Good indicator Organisms

A. Anywhere pathogen maybe present, a good indicator organisms must be present there as well.

B. In order to facilitate detection, a good indicator organisms should be present in large numbers

C. Should proliferate in the environment being monitored.

D. A good indicator organisms should have a similar survival to that of the pathogen for which it is to be used as an indicator.

E. A good indicator organisms should allow relatively easy and fully reliable detection even when present in very low number.

F. A good indicator organisms should be mostly found in the intestinal environment.

G. It should be relatively stable in olio nutrients medium.

H. It must be able to resist harsh external environment.

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