Nigeria loses CommonWealth Gold Medal for doping violations.

Nigeria has been stripped of the Commonwealth Gold medal in the Women’s 4×100 m after one of its relay athletes tested positive for banned Anabolic Steroids during last year’s tournament held in Birmingham, England.

The quartet team, which comprises Tobi Amusan, Favour Ofili, Rosemary Chukwuma, and Grace Nwokocha, reach a historical feat after winning the gold medal in the 4×100 m race coming to be the first Nigeria women’s relay team to reach such a feat. Unfortunately, this historical mark was cut short after Grace Nwokocha tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Grace Nwokocha was temporarily suspended by the Commonwealth Federation after her lab test reacted positively to Ostarine and Dihydroxy-LGD-4033, a metabolite of Ligandrol.

The Commonwealth Federation confirms the disqualification of Nwokocha results from the women’s 100 m, women’s 200 m, and women’s 4×100m, furthermore, she was also denied any points and prizes.

“The matter has now been passed to the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) to determine any further consequences under their anti-doping rules,” the Commonwealth Games Federation said in a statement.

The England team who finished as runner-up to Nigeria have been automatically and officially promoted to the podium of the gold medal rank following the heinous development.

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