How To Identify Local Body Building Foods(Protein Foods)

Protein are body building foods, they help in building the muscle of man and Animals. It also repairs the worn out tissue, it fight infections and can also carry oxygen to every part of the body from the lungs. It also helps in chemical reactions.

Protein nutrients contains nitrogen, and it’s the only nutrients that has additional carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which can protect the body .The proteins that our bodies need are made up of many small units called amino acids. We have two types of group of amino acid, the one that our body can make by itself are called, non essential amino acids .There are however some amino acids that the body can not make and must be provided by our diets.They ones are called essential amino acids.

Most enzymes and hormones in our body are formed by protein. For PH level of blood to be maintained, protein needs to serves as buffer. Protein and connective tissue found in tendons, ligaments and bones are the ones that helps us in the movement if our body.

Meat, fish, milk, cow peas, soybeans, groundnut, Barbara nuts, pigeon pea, and other legumes are common examples of food where protein can be found.

Classification Of Local Body Building Foods

A. Animal origin: This type of protein foods can be gotten from animals and animal products. Examples of local body building foods of animal origin are: meat, milk, yogurt, egg, fish, cheese and so on.

B. Crop origin: This type of protein foods can be gotten from crop plants. Examples are beans, soybeans, groundnut, Barbara nuts, pigeon pea, melon and so on.

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