How To Carryout Biochemical Test On Coliform Bacteria

A. Prepare some sterile water or saline and put a light suspension of the organisms into it, inoculate Citrate media with a straight wire and then incubate at temp. of 30degree centigrade, it should be examine everyday for 7days (check for turbidity= Citrate utilized, if there is no turbidity= Citrate not utilised)

B. With the use of inoculate, Make a single streak on the Simmons Citrate agar and should be examined everyday for seven days for growth and colour change. (if there is blue color and break of growth means= Citrate utilized, and original green color means Citrate not utilised).

C. Inoculate Christen Citrate agar, by stabbing, it should be incubate and examine every for 7days color change (magenta color means Citrate utilized while yellow callow means Citrate not utilised.

How To Carryout Methyl red Reaction

With the use of inoculate, inoculate MR and V_P medium and should be incubate at about 30degree for 32days. 2drops of Methyl red should be added then shake and examine, and keep for the Vorger_Proskauer test.

Red color =+, orange = +_, yellow=-

Control=positive_Escherichia coli

Negative_ Enterobacteria euro genes.

How To Carryout voges Proskauer Test

After Methyl red is completed, 0.6 of naphtha solution and 0.2ml, 40percent of KOH solution should be added and shake, the tube should be placed in a sloppy position and then examine after 15min and 1hr.

A positive reaction is indicated by strong red color.

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