Uses Of Fat In Your Food And Why It Is Important

fats make for an efficient way to heat food while cooking, fats can also be used to increase the flavour of foods, it can also be used to add flavours of their own thanks to fat compounds that lend flavours.

Oil is used for cooking, it can also be used for frying of some food like fish, yam, plantain, bean cake, meat, etc.

Human and Animals needs fat and oil for energy. It is also essential for many body processes. We need some fat in our daily diet. It is fat that protects some organs in our body, it also keep our body warm, it also helps our body to absorb and move nutrients all around our body, it helps in hormones production.

Fats have several varieties which mean having too much of any type is not advisable.

In soap making, oil is the major ingredients that makes the soap stays strong

Oil can also be rubbed on a metal tools such as cutlass, file to prevent rust. This is called oiling.

To makes machine works easily, oil can be applied to some part of it. This is called lubrication.

Oil can also be used in poison neutralization in man and animals

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