Scandal Rocks Campus: Boyfriend-Sponsored Female Student Expecting Baby with Course Mate, University Community Reacts

It has been reported that a female student, who was receiving sponsorship from her boyfriend, has supposedly conceived a child with one of her fellow students who is also coursemate.

The heartbreaking News was shared on Twitter by a Twitter user with an handle @Amanda Chinda

The said boyfriend whose name was not mentioned run a footwear business. He loved his girlfriend and decided to sponsor her financially through school. The relationship is 4 years.

Now she is pregnant for another man who happens to be her coursemate.

Netizens react:

@Anonymous said; “Shameless and wicked girl”
@Anonymous said; “I am a woman but I can’t support evil..she will definitely sow what she reap..she is very wicked and evil.”

@Max said; “Do not be surprised.. women and betrayal are 5&6”

@whizbee said; “Wetin man dey do man”

Check out @Amanda Chinda’s tweet.

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