Plants That Can Naturally Improve Your Health and Wellness at Home

some house plants aren’t simply lovely to have in your home while some are lovely and can be beneficial to our health, plants are living things just like animals because it can grow, move, feed, produce young ones and die as well. Some plant that can be done around the house are pawpaw plant, sunflower, hibiscus flower, Rose flower, cocoa plant, banana plant, mango plant.

A plants has three main part, which are root, stem, the leaves.

The roots develops inside the soil, which hold and support the plant to the ground.

The stem grows above the surface of the soil, The stem carries the leave which exposes it to the sun.

The leaves, these are green in color which grows out of the stem. The leaves produce food mainly for the plant.

We have various kinds of plants, some plant are very tall while some are short, some are very big and short, some have smooth bark and rough, some are bright in color while some have dull flowers.

Plant press can be prepared from. Common plant;

It can be prepared by spreading the leaf of the plant between pieces of absorbent paper.

Then press together tightly the absorbent paper to allow the leaf to dry well.

Then mount the dried leaf on a stiff paper and state the type of plant that is discovered there.

Plants are used in many ways;

A. It can be use a food, such as potato, carrot and cassava, onions, cocoa sugarcane, mango, yam.

B. It can also be use to beautify the surrounding such as lawn

C. It provides shelter again the sun

D. Plant extract can be use to build houses, such as thatched roof are made of leave and grasses.

E. The chair and desk used in class are made from wood that we get from plants

F. It is used for medicinal purpose, such as mahogany, need tree, lemon grass, and aloe Vera all are medicinal.

G. It prevent soil erosion

H. Some plants serve as wind breakers.

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