List Of Energy Giving Foods

Food is what we eat to make us grow, strong and healthy, the foods that give strength to man are energy giving food such as rice, yam, cocoa, Guinea corn, millet, rice, maize, potatoes, cassava, plantain, bread, wheat, banana, and so on, they can be sometimes use to repair body cells, excess carbohydrates can as well be converted into body fat, which means too much carbohydrates food is not advisable.

Clarification Of Energy Giving Foods

They are of two types, and can be classified base on the appearance and where it was harvested from.

They are;

A. Tubers : they are underground plant parts that store parts and are swollen, they can be classified into two;

  1. Root tuber: the root are enlarged which stores food for plant and from which shoot grow.
  2. Stem tuber: This have an enlarged tip of a food storing underground system. It is harvested from the soil. E.g, yam, cocoa, Irish potatoes, etc.

B. Grains: This is a common name used for some certain cereals. The major source of carbohydrates for human is in this diet,. They are usually harvested above the soil surface.

Examples are maize, millet, Guinea corn, rice and wheat.

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