Importance And Meaning Of Ornamental Crops

Ornamental crops can be planted into a place mainly to increase the beauty of the environment, they are grown for the display of their flowers.

Leaves, scent, fruit, stem and bark are the most common part of ornamental crop man uses.

It can also be used for landscaping.

Ornamental crops are different from plant crop, such as those used for agriculture and vegetables Crops, fruit or for forestry.

We can classify them base on growth habits such as:

A. Herb B. Vine C. Semi shrubs D. Shrub

E. Tree

Identification Of Ornamental Crops

Lawn grass, Lantana flower, hibiscus flower, sunflower, flame of the forest, cactus, Rose flower, variegated croton, Canalis, camelia, Queen palm, Virginia creeper, all Amanda, I orange, gardenia, Rose, ice plant, pride of Barbados and so on, these are the most common types of ornamental crops.

Types Of Ornamental Crops

They can be used for different purposes and the most important uses are:

A. For protection: This can be planted in order to protect the sun, which serves as soil cover. Examples are carpet grass to cover a football field

B. It can be used for beautification :This is used to beautify our surroundings. Environment will be beautiful and neat, if plant are planted around the place.

C. It serves as fence :This can be use to fence our houses and offices, such as Cactus

D. Serves as source of income: This can serve as source of I’m on to the farmers when sold.

E. It provides shade: they provide shade and serve as a cover from the sun rays.

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