Futuristic Prediction: Self Acclaimed Time Traveler Anticipates Discovery of “Eternal Life” Secret within Next Six Months

Do you want to live forever? Do you want to have eternal life?

No i don’t mean as a vampire ( if they indeed exist) but as a human, who never ages. This report will catch your fancy.

A self acclaimed “Time Traveller”, Eno Alaric, who believes to have traveled from year 2671 to our present year has claimed that, the secret to “eternal life” will be revealed to all, come beginning of year 2024.

There are no scientific backing or experiment revealing this is a true but this self acclaimed Time Traveller is optimistic.

He made a post using his Twitter Handle, @theradianttimetraveller, about his new theory and this has gathered 1400 likes.

He wrote;

“ATTENTION! A lot of you don’t believe I am a real time traveller, so here’s a brief summary of the near future.

“January 13, 2024: The Immortality Crystal is discovered, giving eternal life to whoever touches it. It comes with a price when it is touched, you lose all emotions over time, and you will see the universe perish to nothing

“April 2, 2024: A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, known as “Big John” occurs on the San Andreas Fault. It causes a 750ft megatsunami, which destroys a large portion of the California Coastline.

“May 22, 2024: A liquid is created, that when touched, the reflection of the person gains a consciousness of its own. The scientist who created this, created a whole lake for this, so they are able to many more tests, called The Great Mirror Lake.”

Amidst mixed feelings and reactions one Twitter fan replied him. Check out his post.

He replied and said:

“The Simpsons have made more predictions than you.” 

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