De@th Toll Increases, As Killer Heatwave “Cerberus” Raves Across Europe

People in Europe have been warned to expect the “hottest temperature” ever.

Experts have named the Heatwave ‘Cerberus’ and it has reached a 48c temperature right now According to report reaching RantHq.

Reports have it that the Cerberus heatwave is so horrific and hot. Some even have compared it to hell fire

It was named Cerberus after the Dante’s Inferno monster. Among the de@d is a British tourist and a 44 year old Milan worker who slumped when his body couldn’t bear the scorch of the heat any longer.

10 cities including Italy have been issued the Red alert and aid workers (Red cross) are seen on the streets of affected cities helping citizens out by offering them bottled water to cool their body.

Cerberus is believed to have started from the Sahara and aheaded across Europe now.

Jim Dale who is a British Meteorological Consultant has advised all to be calm and tourist centers, expect breaking records.

Dale said:

He said: “I’m talking everywhere from Greece and Turkey through to North Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, through Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, Italy, Malta – these areas are all in for potential records.

“Temperatures generally in those areas, 35-40C. Obviously depending where you are, but the likes of Cordoba, Seville, parts of Sicily – all of those into the boiler. Really and truly into the boiler.

“Obviously a lot of holidaymakers are going down there, they’re going to hit a real heat fan.”

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