Some Chemicals Used In Food Preservation

It is important to reduce the population of diseases that can cause microorganisms so as to remain the microbiological quality of a food that have good storage and package. There are different ways food can be preserved, such as removing the microorganisms by physical method, temperature effects, dehydration which is removal of water, by preserving with chemicals, radiation and preservation by biological methods.

Physical Removal Of Microorganisms

Removal of microorganisms from water, wine, beer, juice, soft drink and other liquid Filtration is possible, with this, the population of the bacteria will be very low entirely. Centrifugal ion and prevent filters are often used effectively.

Preservation By Dehydration

This method is used to produce froze dried foods. This methods is the most commonly methods that is used to eliminate growth of microorganisms. This is used to reduce the water activities on food such as fish, fruits, meat, etc.

Preservation By Chemicals

Chemical agents are used to preserve food for this method, and is being regulated by US (United States) of food and drug administration. Such chemicals includes organic acid, ethylene oxide, sodium nitrate, and ethyl formate. The effectiveness of many of these chemicals preservation depends on the food PH.

Ultraviolet radiation can also be used to control the microorganisms population and growth on the entire surface of laboratory and equipment handling. There are examples of bacteria that can resist radiation, such as Deinococcus radio Duran.

Preservation By Microorganisms

Lactic acid bacteria are large group of microorganisms. They metabolize any carbohydrates that is seen in the food in order to produce lactic acid, and they as well lower the PH level to acidic for the growth and survival of the most pathogenic bacteria. Food That can be preserved here are; launch, future, yogurt, ogi e. t. c

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