Smiling Lessons in Japan: Students Shell Out N43,000 per Hour

In Japan, students are investing a hefty sum of N43,000 per hour to receive lessons on smiling. These sessions aim to teach individuals the art of smiling, presumably to enhance their social and interpersonal skills.

This is a new trend coming after years of wearing face mask during Covid. Many are believed to have forgotten the act of smiling.

For a 1 hour session, participant has to cough out a whopping 7,700 yen (equivalent to N43,000)

Himawari Yoshida, a 20-year-old student, enrolled in the smiling class as part of her school’s curriculum aimed at preparing students for the competitive job market. Yoshida acknowledges that she needs to improve her smile and sees this course as an opportunity to work on that aspect of her interpersonal skills.

Bringing this to Nigeria, will people enrol for such?

Only time will tell. But don’t forget to always ‘fèyín é’ (Smile in Yoruba language)

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