Natural Antimicrobial In Food That Are Beneficial To Human Health


Antimicrobial Substance

Lysozyme, Conalbumin, Riboflavin.

Mode Of Action

1 Lyse cell walls

2. Chelated ion


Antimicrobial Substance

Wax on skin

Mode Of action

Retard entry


Antimicrobial Substance


Mode Of Action

Inhibits bacteria growth best at 37 degree Celsius


Antimicrobial Substance


Mode Of Action

Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi


Antimicrobial Substance

Lacrimatory factor

Mode Of Action

Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.


Antimicrobial Substance

Benzoin acid

Mode Of Action

Inhibits growth of fungi

Biological Structure

Natural coverings of some foods like egg, garlic, lemon, walnuts, fruit, onions, helps in protection against invasion of some microorganisms in order not to cause Spoilage. Such as the outer covering of the foods, once cracked, it can then be subject to Spoilage by molds

Different kinds of microorganisms of course grows at different temperature ranges, microorganisms grows well at the lowest range of – 34degrees Celsius while the highest grows at 110degree Celsius.

Microorganisms are groups into five different types which includes:

A. Faculty psychrophiles

B. Psychrophiles

C. Mesophiles

D. Thermophiles

E. Hyperthermophiles

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